Cassie Leatham pictured with<br/>
Healing Weaved Floor Mat with Emu Feathers 2018<br/>
raffia, flax, emu feathers<br/>
130 (diam.) x 5 cm<br/>
Koorie Heritage Trust Collection<br/>
Acquired through the Gandel Philanthropy Acquisition Fund, 2018. AH 03986<br/>
Photo Kelly Coleman Photography<br/>

Meet First Nations artist Cassie Leatham

Levels 3-6

This program for primary school children was filmed in the exhibition Deadly Narratives at the Koorie Heritage Trust. It originally screened on Thursday 27 May as part of Reconciliation Week 2021.

How can art express connection to Country, culture and community? Taungurung and Wurundjeri artist Cassie Leatham and NGV educator John Parkinson got together for a discussion about her woven artwork, Healing weaved floor mat with emu feathers, 2018. Discover how Country provides materials for Leatham’s artmaking and valuable lessons to pass on to the next generation.

Learning objectives

  • Identify and describe how ideas are expressed in Cassie Leatham’s healing mat.
  • Describe the materials and techniques used to weave the healing mat.
  • Discuss the cultural and personal significance of Cassie Leatham’s art practice