Pierre Bonnard<br/>
<em>Coffee</em> (<em>Le Café</em>) 1915<br/>
oil on canvas<br/>
73.0 × 106.5 cm<br/>
Tate, London<br/>
Presented by Sir Michael Sadler through the NACF, 1941 (N05414)<br/>
Photo © Tate

Themes and Ideas

Pierre Bonnard’s Coffee

Pierre Bonnard is one of the most beloved painters of the 20th century, known for his interesting compositions and colourful celebrations of everyday life. Bonnard liked to paint things happening inside the home, like in his famous painting Coffee (Le café), 1915.  

Workshop Instructions

In this workshop, we’ll be creating a game inspired by one of Pierre Bonnard’s Coffee (Le café), 1915. We will be using Scratch, a simple coding language that lets us build programs using blocks of code. We will add our own drawings into the program to set the table, and later, we’ll have a go at creating the game from the ground up.

Access the completed version of the game
Access the incomplete version of the game

Breakfast with Bonnard: Part 1
Breakfast with Bonnard: Part 2


PDF instructions to build the game’s code can be found below.
Access the written instructions: Write the Code