<em>Head covering of Padihorpasheraset</em> 1st century CE-2nd century CE <!-- (front view) --><br />

cartonnage, gilt, glass paste, pigment<br />
53.7 x 35.9 x 30.1 cm<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Felton Bequest, 1995<br />
D144-1994<br />


Themes and Ideas

Lid From The Inner Anthropoid Coffin of Tjeseb

The NGV Collection includes artefacts made in Egypt thousands of years ago, that give us a glimpse into the life and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Looking after such old objects takes special care.

The inner coffin of Tjeseb was made in Egypt more than 2500 years ago for a seventeen year old girl named Tjeseb. Tjeseb’s coffin was among the first major artefacts from Egypt to arrive in Australia in the 1890s. By the late 1930s it had come into the Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.

In 2005 NGV conservators conducted conservation work and study of the coffin, which over time had broken into pieces.  Photographing each piece, they used digital tools to reconstruct an image of the coffin. Seeing how the fragments fitted together was like solving a very delicate 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Workshop instructions

Inspired by the work undertaken by NGV conservators on the coffin of Tjeseb we’ve used the block code program Scratch to create an Egyptian themed digital jigsaw puzzle.

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Part 1: Look Inside

Part 2: Level Up


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