Salvador DALÍ<br/>
<em>Trilogy of the desert: Mirage</em> (1946) <!-- (recto) --><br />

oil on canvas<br />
36.1 x 59.3 cm<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
The Eugenie Crawford Bequest, Professor AGL Shaw AO Bequest, The Nigel Peck AM and Patricia Peck Fund, Morry Fraid AM and The Spotlight Foundation, The Fox Family Foundation, Ken Harrison AM and Jill Harrison, The Hansen Little Foundation, The Betsy and Ollie Polasek Endowment and donors to the 2018 NGV Foundation Annual Dinner and 2018 NGV Annual Appeal, 2017<br />
2017.453<br />
© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí/VEGAP, Madrid. Licensed by Copyright Agency, Australia

2018 Annual Appeal


2018 Annual Appeal

Salvador Dalí’s Trilogy of the desert: Mirage 1946

We are delighted to announce that Salvador Dalí’s Trilogy of the desert: Mirage 1946 is now formally part of the NGV Collection. As the first painting by Dalí to enter an Australian museum collection, we are immensely grateful to our supporters for their contribution towards acquiring this significant painting.

Trilogy of the desert: Mirage is now on display on level two of NGV International in the Surrealist Gallery. It joins the ranks of other key works in the NGV Collection such as Pablo Picasso’s Weeping Woman 1937 and Giambattista Tiepolo’s The Banquet of Cleopatra 1743–1744. Dalí’s painting also establishes a crucial link in the Gallery’s holdings of international and Australian Surrealist art and we are pleased to share this important work with millions of visitors to the NGV.

As the NGV’s largest and most ambitious Annual Appeal to date, this is an achievement made possible only through the generosity of supporters gratefully acknowledged below.

Leadership Gifts

Eugenie Crawford Bequest
Fox Family Foundation
Mr Morry Fraid AM & The Spotlight Foundation
The Hansen Little Foundation
Mr Ken Harrison AM & Mrs Jill Harrison
The Nigel Peck AM & Patricia Peck Fund
The Betsy & Ollie Polasek Endowment
Professor AGL Shaw AO Bequest


Mr Neville Bertalli & Mrs Diana Bertalli
Mr Peter Greenham & Mrs Anne Greenham


Mr Leigh Clifford AO & Mrs Sue Clifford
Mrs Annette Davis & Mr Leon Davis AO
Ms Lisa Gay & Mr Ric West
Mrs Dianne Gjergja & Mr Giorgio Gjergia
The Grollo Ruzzene Foundation
Gwenneth Nancy Head Foundation
Mr John Higgins AO & Ms Jodie Maunder
Mr Christopher Kelly & Mrs Kerryann Kelly
Mrs Suzanne Kirkham
Mr Hugh M. Morgan AC & Mrs Elizabeth Morgan
Miss Loris Peggie
The Ullmer Family Foundation
Ms Janet Whiting AM & Mr Phil Lukies


Mr John Adams & Mrs Cecily Adams
Mr Ross Adler AC & Mrs Fiona Adler
Bowness Family
Mr Trevor Cohen & Mrs Heather Cohen
Mr Charles Goode AC & Mrs Cornelia Goode
Henderson Endowment
Canny Quine Foundation
Ms Joanna Horgan & Mr Peter Wetenhall
Mr Craig Kimberley OAM & Mrs Connie Kimberley
William Kimpton Bequest
Mrs Susan Kimpton
Mrs Dinah Krongold
Mr S. Baillieu Myer AC & Mrs Sarah Myer
The Bruce Parncutt Family Foundation
Prof Margaret Plant
Mr Frank Tisher OAM & Dr Miriam Tisher
Mr Ralph Ward-Ambler AM & Mrs Barbara Ward-Amble


Mrs Tina Aldridge
Mr Nicholas Allen & Mrs Helen Nicolay
Mr David Bain & Ms Catherine Carrick
Mrs Lynette Beckett & Mr Warren Beckett
Mrs Sally Bell & Mr Lewis Bell
Mrs Doreen Berkowitz & Mr Gordon Nepom
Mrs Helen Brack
Ms Elida Brereton
Mr Charles Bright & Mrs Primrose Bright
Mr John Brookes
Mrs Morena Buffon
Dr Margaret Bullen & Dr Ron Vanderwal
Mr Wallace Cameron & Mrs Joan Cameron
Ms Robin Campbell
Mr Peter Canet & Mrs Ivanka Canet
Mr Tony Cardamone
Dr Beverley Castleman & Mr Alan James Castleman
Mr Francis Chai & Ms Bee Lee Thia
Mrs Loreen Chambers & Mr John Chambers
The Hon. Stephen Charles QC & Mrs Jennifer Charles
Ms Lillian Chen
Dr Peter Chu & Mr Robert Morrow
Mr Peter Clemenger AO & Mrs Joan Clemenger AO
Mrs Patricia Cody
Mr Michael Cohn
Mrs Joanna Collins & Mr Richard Collins
Assoc Prof John Collins & Mrs Mandy Collins
Mr Alan Cowen & Mrs Mavourneen Cowen
Mr Paul Cross & Mrs Samantha Cross
The Cuming Bequest
Mr Brian Davis
Mrs Katie Dewhurst & Mr Ron Dewhurst
Ms Lauraine Diggins & Mr Michael Blanche
Mr John Downer AM & Mrs Rose Downer
Mr Leopoldo Espino
Mr John Fast & Mrs Jenny Fast
Ms Elizabeth Foster
Mrs Esther Frenkiel OAM & Mr David Frenkiel
Mr Andrew Frost & Mrs Carol Frost
Mrs Pauline Gandel & Mr John Gandel AC
Sir James Gobbo AC CVO & Lady Gobbo
Ms Andrea Goldsmith
Mrs Jean Hadges
Ms Lesley Hale
Mrs Susan Hamson & Mr Michael Hamson
Ms Sue Harlow & Mr Merv Keehn
Mr Peter Holly & Mrs Evalyn Holly
Dr Elizabeth Houlihan & Mr Michael Houlihan
Emeritus Prof Anne Hunt OAM
Mr Darvell Hutchinson AM & Mrs Barbara Hutchinson
Mr Neil Jens & Mrs June Jens
Mr Denis Joachim
Mr William Jones
Ms Marjorie Josephs-Wilks
Dr Garry Joslin & Professor Dimity Reed AM
Mr George Kass & Mrs Grace Kass
Ms Merran Kelsall & Mr Brent Taylor
Ms Susan Kennett & Mr Rick Friedman
Mr James Kimpton AM & Mrs Diana Kimpton
Ms Zara Kimpton OAM
Mr Michael Kingston
Ms Alison Kitchen
Mrs Alison Leslie
Mrs Rosie Lew
Mr John Lockwood
Ms Mem Loton OAM & Ms Vivienne Stewart
Mr Robert Macfarlane
Mr Peter Nottle
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Mrs Susanna Mason & Mr Ken Macmahon
Ms Leanne Menegazzo
Mr Craig Moffatt & Mr Peter Cameron
Mr Gordon Moffatt AM
Mrs Beatrice Moignard
Miss Victoria Moore
Mrs Diana Morgan AM
Mrs Susan Morgan
Ms Julie-Ann Morrison
Judge Paul Mullaly QC
Dr Gerardine Nicholls & Mr Dale Nicholls
Dr Rosemary Nixon
Prof Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE & Lady Lyn Nossal
Mr Brendan O’Brien & Mrs Grace O’Brien
Ms Valerie Osbourne
Dr Mae Anna Pang
Mrs Prue Pateras & Mr James Pateras
Mrs Pamela Paton & Mr Ross Paton
Prof Graham Peirson & Mrs Christine Peirson
Mrs Joyce Pell
Prof David Penington AC & Dr Sonay Hussein
Mr Peter Philpott & Mr Robert Ratcliffe
Mr John Pizzey & Mrs Betty Pizzey
Sunraysia Foundation
Mr Anthony Rayward & Mrs Elizabeth Rayward
Mrs Vivienne Reed OAM & Dr Richard Reed
Mrs Carolyn Rendit & Judge Peter Rendit
Mrs Anne Robertson & Mr Mark Robertson
The E. & D. Rogowski Foundation
Ms Dodi Rose
Ms Anne Ross
Mrs Margaret Ross AM & Dr Ian Ross
Ms Kaye Salisbury & Mr Bart Wissink
Mr Gareth Sansom & Dr Christine Healy OAM
The Hon. Ian Baker & Prof Cheryl Saunders AO
Mr Phillip Schudmak & Mrs Susan Schudmak
Ms Jennifer Shaw
Ms Dianne Shields
Mr Colin Simson
Mr Andrew Sisson AO
Ms Jennifer Steinicke
Mrs Judith Steinicke & Mr Geoff Steinecke
Mr Peter Tallis & Mrs Mary Tallis
Mr Charles Tegner
Mr Chris Thomas AM & Mrs Cheryl Thomas
Mr John Thompson
Mr Michael Tong & Mrs Emily Tong
Ms Nga Tran
Mrs Linda Vainomae-Hoffmann & Mr Robert Hoffmann
Valda Klaric Foundation
Mr Leon Velik & Mrs Sandra Velik
Mrs Dinanda Waterham & Mr Sietze Waterham
Mr Michael Wellham
Mrs Lyn Williams AM
Mrs Jane Wilson & Mr Mark Wilson
Ms Robyn Wilson & Mr Ross Wilson
Mrs Angela Wood

$100 – $999

Mr Bruce Abell
Mr David Abell & Mrs Vivienne Abell
Ms Jane Akhurst
Miss April Albrecht
Mrs Julie Allbutt & Mr Scott Allbutt
Mrs Ellen Allery
Ms Christina Alvarez
Dr Adrianne Anderson
Mr John Anderson & Mrs Helen Anderson
Ms Fiona Andrewartha
Ms Valma Angliss AM
Ms Helen Angus
Mr Harry Anstey & Mrs Archleigh Anstey
Ms Janet Arndt
Ms Christine Ashby
Mrs Ingrid Ashford
Ms Jan Bagley & Mr Bruce Herbes
Mrs Kay Bailey & Mr Peter Bailey
Mr Marshall Baillieu OBE
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Mr Richard Barnden & Mr Wesley Callender
Mr Paul Barnett
Ms Val Barrett
Ms Angela Barry
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Ms Ngaire Bates & Mr Jeffrey Bates
Ms Sherryn Batters & Mr Norman Batters
Mr Doug Battersby & Ms Alison Battersby
Baystreet Pty Ltd
Ms Sandra Beanham & Miss Lizzie Robinson
Ms Jan Begg & Mr Peter Newton
Mrs Judy Begg
Ms Andrea Belcher
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Mrs Louise Bentley & Mr Julian Bentley
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Ms Rebecca Bertrand
Mr Gary Best & Mr William Au
Mr Phil Biggs & Mr Wayne De Goldi
Miss Lesley Blanchard
Mr Graham Blashki & Ms Evelyn Firstenberg
Ms Penny Blazey
Mrs Jenny Blencowe & Mr Trevor Blencowe
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