NGVWA Virtual Garden Day | Download available for purchase

Artists and Collectors

Wed 23 Dec 2020, 2pm

Available for purchase until 2pm December 23. Link expires 31 January 2021

NGVWA present its first ever Virtual Garden Day on 26 November, ensuring garden enthusiasts experience some of Victoria’s most coveted private gardens.

All proceeds from this virtual program support art acquisition at the NGV.

Join a unique online tour of the gardens and art collections of artists and collectors and for the first time, glimpse the art collections of the garden owners.

Viewers will hear garden owners, including artist Bill Henson, discuss their favourite plants and most treasured spots in the garden.  In another first, several gardens featured are in regional Victoria offering the chance to see much larger scale planting and design ideas.

$30 (no GST)
Tickets on sale until 2pm Wed 23 Dec.
Link expires 31 January 2021.

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Booking required
The NGVWA Virtual Garden Day video will be delivered via email the following business day, containing a unique video access code and video link. The link can be downloaded once on one device only. We recommend not to download on a mobile phone. The program can be viewed repeatedly until the link expires 31 January 2021.

You can also download the link to the NGVWA Virtual Garden Day here and gain access with your unique order number (accessible the first working day after purchase).

Booking enquiries
03 8662 1573 10am–5pm Monday to Friday

A select range of NGVWA items will be available for sale through the NGV Design Store.

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Kay&Burton JBWere NGV design store Minimax