The backyard at the NGV

What an amazing green space! The backyard at the NGV is my sanctuary. Hi, my name is Maddi Hanson and I look after the NGV’s backyard. I have worked here for the past year as the Maintenance Gardener. The garden space provides a cool, lush haven for all of those whom visit the NGV. The garden space is very simplistic in design and it is this simplicity, along with the tree and plant selection, that generates lots of positive comments from the public.

The garden has been planted out with a small variety of great shade trees. Pin Oaks, Ficus and Gledistia adorn the space providing a stunning contrast of green foliage against the grey walls of the tall surrounding city. The under planting of lush green lawn provides a special place to parks one’s bum, or a place to view the city flat on one’s back. The different turf species of Kikuyu, Tall Fescue & Rye grass all provide a lush lawn coverage all year round.

The garden beds are planted out with an array of different plant species. From Clivea that bear beautiful burnt orange flowers, to Liriope with its small purple flower spikes, not to mention the beautiful Melianthus ‘major’ that bear brilliant arching red blooms attracting bird life. The garden beds and the plants within them not only provide a green haven for you and I to look at and enjoy, but are also a sanctuary to many small birds including the odd honeyeater.

The Wisteria that wrap themselves over the pergola structures and bloom in early spring dripping in purple are a real eye catcher…

Next time you walk on by, I encourage you to pop you head in, park your bum or lay on the grass and admire our beautiful garden at the NGV.