Amy Mountjoy<br/>
<em>No thought control</em><br/>
synthetic polymer paint on canvas<br/>
30.0 x 30.0 cm<br/>
East Loddon P-12 College, Dingee<br/>

Top Arts 2013 Internship

Amy Mountjoy
No thought control

I spent the last four weeks in the NGV’s Media and Public Affairs Department as an intern for Top Arts 2013. Interning is a slightly annoying stepping stone that you have to manoeuvre your way across to get to where the paid work exists. It can be dull as you’re often given tasks that are well described as ‘repetitive’ and ‘mind-numbingly boring’. But none of these words got close to entering my mind while interning at the NGV as each day brought something new. Plus I got to step across some very lovely stepping stones in Federation Court that had a pleasant view of the Waterwall.

Being the Tops Arts 2013 intern was a really valuable learning experience. Not only did I gain indispensable skills and experience for my future career but I also go to encounter what goes on behind the scenes at the Gallery. I was given tours of sections of the Gallery I never knew existed – the labyrinth of departments downstairs, the curatorial department with its treasure trove of art books and our office where I had my own desk. A highlight was seeing the conservation department where I was shown a recently restored triptych by Rogier van de Weyden and taught about the conservation process.

Tops Arts 2013 was a great exhibition to work on because there is always a wide variety of artistic talent on display, including photographs, paintings, drawings and installations. It was lovely to meet many of the artists who were exhibiting as they were just as excited as I was to be involved. I am very grateful to Jess, Erin, Jemma and Liz for being so kind, helpful and entertaining as well as the Gallery for giving me the fabulous opportunity. I already miss walking through the Great Hall each morning on the way to the office.