Top Arts 2014

Top Arts 2014!!! What an amazing yet unexpected beginning to the year. Congratulations to all students who applied, regardless of whether you were or were not successful your hard work and passion towards art does not go unnoticed.

Being accepted into this prestigious exhibition at the NGV has been one of the many great blessings I have received throughout my life. The opportunity to display my Samoan culture has given me the greatest sense of fulfillment and pride. It has been an  absolute privilege to have the chance to exhibit among a group of diverse, and extremely talented young artists.

Prior to submitting my application I had various doubts that I would  even be shortlisted for the exhibition, due to the caliber of the artworks seen in previous Top Arts exhibitions. Despite this fear and uncertainty I was still encouraged by my art teacher to apply.

I was in the greatest state of shock hearing that I had been shortlisted, despite the outcome I knew that this by far had already been such an amazing achievement . I remember feeling quite anxious walking into the room of shortlisted applicants, feeling intimidated as I stood there with a small A4 shoe box containing my artwork. I stood there with my mother laughing and thinking to my self ‘There is no way my artwork will get in.’  Without the guidance and constant encouragement from my parents, it is likely that I may have never even completed my folio, which to me was the most exciting yet demanding aspect of the coursework. I am also grateful for the additional support from my friends, school (Sunbury Downs College), and my art teachers who reminded me to ‘keep being creative’.

My advice to future students wishing to apply for Top Arts would be to believe in yourself! If you know you have a talent use it to the best of your ability and don’t let them go to waste. Most importantly always remember to feel confident in what you produce and never doubt your capabilities because someday you will exceed your own expectations just as I did.