Top Arts 2019

Folio: Cleopatra Kopanidis – VCE Art

Unit 3 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 1

Exploration and experimentation of personal responses, ideas and concepts throughout artistic practice.

Criteria 1 requires a personal exploration of ideas and concepts. Cleopatra is exploring and refining her ideas through mind maps and small sketches. Her sketches are relevant to her intentions and she continues to consolidate her ideas.

Unit 3 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 1

Cleopatra seeks out sources of inspiration that are relevant to her personal ideas. She responds to artistic inspiration with small thumbnail trials supported by annotations to communicate her personal responses, ideas and concepts.

Unit 3 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 2

Experimentation and exploration with materials, techniques, processes and art forms, relevant to personal ideas and concepts, throughout the art process.

Exploration and investigation of selected artforms helps Cleopatra to refine her ideas and concepts through the art process. In these pages we see some of the experimentation with materials, techniques and processes that she employed throughout the art process. She demonstrates her developing skill in the use of the selected mediums.

Unit 3 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 3

Use of Analytical Frameworks that reflects the exploration and development of art works through artistic practice.

Cleopatra’s annotations demonstrate her understanding of the Analytical Frameworks and art terminology. She documents and evaluates her exploration throughout her artistic practice.  She communicates her thinking and outlines potential areas for further exploration and improvement. She selects and uses headings to acknowledge the framework/s being applied.

Unit 3 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 4

Use of visual language and manipulation of materials, techniques and processes to develop artworks relevant to the student intentions.

Students use Visual Language to communicate the exploration, development and resolution of artworks. They experiment with, and develop and refine, materials, techniques and processes.  Cleopatra is exploring potential compositions by posing her model in different positions, changing camera angles and varying her zoom length. This helps her to develop and refine her visual language to best communicate her personal ideas and concepts.

Unit 3 – Unit 3 – Criteria 5

Resolution of personal ideas and intentions and refinement of the use of materials, techniques and processes relevant to selected art forms and a finished artwork.

Cleopatra has refined and resolved her ideas to create a finished artwork at the conclusion of Unit 3.  The finished artwork, alongside her art process demonstrates the refinement of her skill and personal concepts.  She has used the Analytical frameworks throughout her art practice to support her thinking and working practices.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 6

Exploration, investigation and experimentation of materials, techniques and processes relevant to personal concepts and ideas in selected art form/s.

Cleopatra asks here what next? She continues to draw on ideas explored in Unit 3 and progresses with exploration and investigation.  She immediately returns to small thumbnail sketches to continue the refinement of her skill and explore conceptual possibilities.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 7

Use of visual language and artistic practice to refine and realise concepts in at least two finished artworks.

Throughout Cleopatra’s body of work an art process is evident. She applies critical and creative thinking to refine her personal ideas and realise her concepts into resolved finished artworks. Visual language is explored and supported by annotation.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 8

Manipulation of visual language and technical qualities to develop, refine and resolve personal ideas and visual imagery in at least two finished artworks.

The development and application of materials and techniques from Unit 3 is being refined and resolved. Cleopatra is exploring her visual language with sketches and annotations. This assists in the development towards a refined, finished artwork that communicates her personal ideas and concepts.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 9

Resolution of ideas and personal concepts in the body of work.

Cleopatra has refined her skills and ideas to present a finished artwork. She has considered all aspects of her personal concepts and explored and refined them throughout the art process. Her finished artwork resolves her concepts across the body of work and demonstrates an understanding of art practice.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 10

Use of the Analytical Frameworks throughout artistic practice, in reflective and evaluative annotations throughout the art process.

By using headings Cleopatra has selected and identified relevant frameworks throughout the art process. She has applied art terminology and demonstrated her ability to analyse, interpret and justify her decisions in her art practice. She has reflected and evaluated her thinking and working throughout Unit 4.