Top Arts 2019

Folio: Talulah Chauvin-Cunningham – VCE Art

Unit 3 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 1

Exploration and experimentation of personal responses, ideas and concepts throughout artistic practice.

Talulah begins an exploration of personal responses and ideas by researching and gathering inspiration. Here she has included several cited images and responds visually with a small study and annotations indicating her influences and how this might inspire her personal work.

Unit 3 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 2

Experimentation and exploration with materials, techniques, processes and art forms, relevant to personal ideas and concepts, throughout the art process.

The exploration and investigation of Talulah’s selected art form of painting continues in her Visual Diary. Throughout her art process she experiments with materials and techniques. In a small study here she indicates her thinking with annotations guided by the Analytical Frameworks. She is manipulating paint in order to explore visual language to convey her personal ideas and concepts.

Unit 3 – Outcome – Criteria 3

Use of Analytical Frameworks that reflects the exploration and development of art works through artistic practice.

Throughout the Art Process Talulah uses the Analytical Frameworks to explore and reflect on the development of her personal concepts. She has employed a key to indicate the selected frameworks. Throughout her annotations she demonstrates an understanding and application of art terminology.

Unit 3 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 4

Use of visual language and manipulation of materials, techniques and processes to develop artworks relevant to the student intentions.

Here Talulah is experimenting with Visual Language. Small sketches help her develop and refine possible compositions. Throughout the art process she manipulates the application of her selected materials and techniques. She indicates a clear understanding of Visual Language supported by annotations of her thinking and working.

Unit 3 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 5

Resolution of personal ideas and intentions and refinement of the use of materials, techniques and processes relevant to selected art forms and a finished artwork.

The resolution of initial concepts and personal ideas resolves itself into a finished artwork at the conclusion of Unit 3. Talulah’s finished artwork indicates the refinement and application of her skills throughout the Art Process. She consistently supported the development and refinement of her personal concepts applying visual language and analytical frameworks to resolve her personal ideas.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 6

Exploration, investigation and experimentation of materials, techniques and processes relevant to personal concepts and ideas in selected art form/s.

The explorations and investigations continue with clear links and progression from Unit 3. Talulah is continuing to seek out relevant imagery and inspirations to further explore personal ideas and concepts. Here she has taken a range of photographs that reflect her directions making small annotations underneath.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 7

Use of visual language and artistic practice to refine and realise concepts in at least two finished artworks.

Talulah’s art process is evident throughout her Visual Diary alongside the use of critical and creative thinking to refine and realise her personal concepts. Her body of work includes final artworks from Unit 3 and 4. This image shows Talulah developing and refining colour trials on selected subject matter acknowledging small annotations with the application of her key dots.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 8

Manipulation of visual language and technical qualities to develop, refine and resolve personal ideas and visual imagery in at least two finished artworks.

The development and application of materials has continued from Unit 3. Here Talulah is exploring and manipulating Visual Language to refine and resolve her personal ideas. The Visual Language employed indicates clearly links between her ideas and imagery.

Unit 4 – Outcome 1 – Criteria 9

Resolution of ideas and personal concepts in the body of work.

The imagery present early in Unit 4 has been arranged here to form a composition that reflects Talulah’s personal concepts and ideas. She has explored, developed and refined her materials, techniques and processes throughout her artistic practice. Aesthetic considerations and the refined application of skills are evident in her finished artwork.

Unit 4 – Outcome 2 – Criteria 10

Use of the Analytical Frameworks throughout artistic practice, in reflective and evaluative annotations throughout the art process.

Throughout the body of work Talulah has selected and applied relevant analytical frameworks to analyse, interpret and justify her decision making. She has reflected on and evaluated her artistic practice throughout Unit 3 and 4. She has consistently demonstrated and applied an understanding of art terminology.