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How do you imagine the future? What is important to you and your community, and can you use creativity to help shape it? The works in Shaping the Future invite us to think about what we value and hope for, looking to factors that shape our world.

The resilience of First Peoples and culture is celebrated in many works. While some highlight stories of loss, sorrow and mourning, we also see the enduring strength of cultural traditions, and the significant role that women play in sustaining culture in communities. Many artists and designers are at the forefront of exploring cutting-edge technologies and using traditional materials or processes in new ways, often working with different experts to realise their ideas. We see this in a table made using software that replicates natural growth patterns and a chair created from a new bioplastic material made from the flax plant. Art and design can also inspire us to think critically, offering creative solutions to contemporary challenges. Furniture made from discarded electronic devices highlights the positive role design can play in addressing the challenge of e-waste, while the invitation to reassemble protest patches reminds us of the power of our voice and agency for change.

Shaping the Future

Due to NGV procedures regarding light sensitive objects, the works below have been removed from display for the remainder of the exhibition.