The Whole is Worth More Than the Sum of it’s Parts | Faye Toogood in Conversation with Simone LeAmon

For NGV Triennial 2020, Faye Toogood presents designs for furniture, lighting, scenography, sculpture, and large-scale tapestries alongside seventeenth-century artworks from the NGV Collection in her installation Downtime: Daytime, Candlelight, Moonlight.

Designing and curating three spaces – each alluding to the lighting effects present in the historical artworks, Toogood plunges us deep into a period sensibility using her own innovative designs as a connecting device to the past. Toogood sees her work as Gesamtkunstwerk; a total work of art, whereby the interior – all works of art and design and their display – synthesise to deliver with full effect the experience and meaning of her presentation.

Celebrating the opening of the NGV Triennial at NGV International, Toogood reflects on her practice and work presented in the exhibition with NGV’s Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture Simone LeAmon.

The NGV warmly thanks Triennial Lead Supporter Gordon Moffatt AM, Triennial Supporters Cameron Oxley & Bronwyn Ross, Dr Brett Archer and Triennial Circle donors Alex & Brady Scanlon for their support of Faye Toogood’s Downtime: Candlelight wall scenography and Family busts 2020 and Roly-poly chair / water 2016. The NGV warmly thanks Triennial Supporters Betsy Polasek, Susan Jones & James McGrath, Suzanne Kirkham and donors to the 2020 NGV Annual Appeal for their support of Faye Toogood’s Day tapestry and Night tapestry 2020.

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