NGV Foundation | Annual General Meeting

NGV Foundation | Annual General Meeting

NGV Foundation | Annual General Meeting

The Chairman of the NGV Foundation, Leigh Clifford AC, and the Director of the National Gallery of Victoria, Tony Ellwood AM, warmly invite you to the virtual 2023 NGV Foundation Annual General Meeting.

This online event celebrates the collective generosity of NGV Foundation members and supporters over the last financial year, and provides our audience with an opportunity to learn more about the significant impact of your support across programs, exhibitions and the NGV Collection.

Leigh and Tony will be joined by NGV curators and staff who are looking forward to sharing the incredible and diverse outcomes achieved across all areas of the NGV with thanks to our dedicated philanthropic community.

The video stream will start automatically once the event begins at 5.30pm. If you do not see or hear the speakers at the program start time, press the ‘play’ button in the bottom left of the video or try reloading the web page. If you experience further technical troubles during the live broadcast please consult the troubleshooting guide.

If you require further assistance please contact the NGV Foundation on

NGV Summer Appeal

This summer, the NGV is seeking your support to help us add Kosovan artist, Petrit Halilaj’s extraordinary work, Very volcanic over this green feather to the Gallery’s Collection.

Drawing upon his lived experience of war and displacement, this powerful installation is inspired from Halilaj’s own childhood drawings, made in the Kukës II refugee camp in Albania during the height of the Kosovan War. Depicting interspersing visuals of rural landscapes, animals, birds and scenes of destruction, the installation reveals the slippery relationship between the real and the imagined, personal and collective memory, and recorded history and lived experience.

Audiences can view Very volcanic over this green feather as part of the NGV Triennial 2023, on display at NGV International until 7 April 2024.

We warmly invite you to support the 2024 NGV Summer Appeal and bring Petrit Halilaj’s incredible installation into the NGV Collection. We are truly grateful for donations of any size to make this acquisition possible, and we thank you for your support in enabling us to realise this wonderful opportunity.

Donate online

If you would like further information about supporting this acquisition, learn more here, or contact the NGV Foundation team on (+61 3) 8620 2415 or