NGV Foundation | Annual General Meeting

The Chairman of the NGV Foundation, Leigh Clifford AO, and the Director of the National Gallery of Victoria, Tony Ellwood AM, warmly invite you to the NGV Foundation Annual General Meeting.

This online event is an opportunity to bring together all NGV Foundation members to celebrate your generosity and discover how it has created an important legacy for programs, exhibitions and the NGV Collection, over the past year.

Leigh and Tony will be joined by staff from across Gallery who are excited to personally share the diverse outcomes achieved through the support of the NGV’s philanthropic community.

The video stream will start automatically once the event begins at 6pm. If you do not see or hear the speakers at the program start time, press the ‘play’ button in the bottom left of the video or try reloading the web page. If you experience further technical troubles during the live broadcast please consult the troubleshooting guide.

If you require further assistance please contact the NGV Foundation on [email protected]