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Yee I-Lann Huminodun 2007 from the Kinabalu series 2007

YEE I-Lann
Huminodun 2007

Incorporating various mediums, including photography, installation and video, Yee I-Lann’s practice seeks connections between landscape, perception and cultural identity. Huminodun is the first image in the three-part Kinabalu series, which explores the erosion of spirituality in a Kadazandusun woman as she struggles with her shifting relationship to the environment and land. The image depicts the Kadazandusun creation story in which woman creates the earth and the padi, and thus cultivates her community. Huminodun is the ritual name of a legendary cultural figure whom Yee I-Lann has used to visualise the importance of gender and relationships between mother and daughter, as well as the cyclical nature of life and the seasons.