(100 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Lamp Lamp 1st century AD ITALY earthenware 155-D1A
Lebes or Stamnoid pyxis (Etrusco-Corinthian ware) Lebes or Stamnoid pyxis (Etrusco-Corinthian ware) 625 BC-600 BC ITALY earthenware 81D-D1A
Shoes Shoes (c. 1973) ITALY patent leather, metal, resin D5.a-b-1978
Mortar Mortar (16th century) ITALY bronze 4056-D3
Lamp Lamp 1st century ITALY earthenware 1025X-D1A
Coronation of the Virgin, plaquette Coronation of the Virgin, plaquette (late 16th century) ITALY gilt-bronze 4140-D3
Flask/Amphoriskos Flask/Amphoriskos 4th century BC-3rd century BC ITALY earthenware 80L-D1A
Bowl Bowl (16th century) ITALY (manufacturer) earthenware 4565-D3
Suit Suit (c. 1975) ITALY cotton, metal (buttons) 1995.475.a-b
Jar Jar 5th century BC ITALY earthenware D158-1994
SQUARE SQUARE (17th century) ITALY Square, Milanese, punto in aria, flat point.Talith trimming 882 C-D5
Border Border (mid 17th century) ITALY linen (needle lace) (gros point) (bobbin lace) 888-D5
Textile Textile early 18th century ITALY silk (brocade) 147-D4
Bottle or Unguentarium (Italic/Corinthian ware) Bottle or Unguentarium (Italic/Corinthian ware) 630 BC-600 BC ITALY earthenware 80H-D1A
Head of kore Head of kore 1st century BC-1st century AD ITALY marble 1045B-D4
Flounce Flounce (c. 1620) ITALY linen 898-D5
Venus Venus (16th century) ITALY bronze 3987-D3
Loop-handled bowl (Italic-Daunian ware) Loop-handled bowl (Italic-Daunian ware) 4th century BC ITALY fired clay 80X-D1A
Adoration of the Kings, plaquette Adoration of the Kings, plaquette (16th century) ITALY bronze 4147-D3
Inkstand Inkstand (early 19th century) ITALY (manufacturer) marble 1502.a-d-D1M