(100 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
The Nativity, pax The Nativity, pax (16th century) ITALY gilt-bronze 4137-D3
Jar Jar Roman Period 31 BC-395 AD ITALY alabaster 1060A-D2
Spoon Spoon (c. 1450) ITALY (attributed to) (manufacturer) silver, agate, enamel 1776-D5
Dancing children Dancing children (late 17th century) ITALY bronze 1662-D4
Bowl (Etruscan-impasto ware) Bowl (Etruscan-impasto ware) 700 BC-600 BC ITALY fired clay 80B-D1A
Trozzella (Italic-Messapian ware) Trozzella (Italic-Messapian ware) 500 BC-450 BC ITALY earthenware 81C-D1A
Lamp Lamp 1st century BC ITALY earthenware 108AA-D5
Askoid jar (Italic-impasto ware) Askoid jar (Italic-impasto ware) early 7th century BC-mid 7th century ITALY fired clay 80J-D1A
Venus Venus (16th century) ITALY bronze 3987-D3
Horse's head Horse's head (mid 16th century-late 16th century) ITALY; Andrea RICCIO (school of) bronze 4000-D3
Feeder (Italic coarse ware) Feeder (Italic coarse ware) 4th century BC ITALY fired clay 96D-D5
Pharmacy jar Pharmacy jar (c. 1500) ITALY earthenware (maiolica) 3865-D3
Jar (Italic-Daunian ware) Jar (Italic-Daunian ware) late 5th century BC ITALY fired clay 81A-D1A
Border Border (1600-1620) ITALY linen (needle lace) (punto in aria) 897-D5
Virgin and Child, pax Virgin and Child, pax (16th century) ITALY bronze 4142-D3
Mortar Mortar (16th century) ITALY bronze 4075-D3
Plate (Italian black-glaze ware) Plate (Italian black-glaze ware) 4th century BC ITALY earthenware 3245B-D3
Lamp Lamp 1st century BC ITALY earthenware 3425C-D3
The Entombment, pax The Entombment, pax (1550-1600) ITALY gilt-bronze 4141-D3
Border Border (17th century) ITALY linen 986-D5