(101 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Study of a man's head Study of a man's head (17th century) ITALY oil on canvas 4564-3
(St Jerome) (St Jerome) (c. 1832-1838) ITALY oil on oak panel 2009.63
Aphrodite Aphrodite 2nd century AD ITALY marble 3071-D3
Caracalla Caracalla (17th century) ITALY bronze 3981-D3
Hanging pocket Hanging pocket (17th century) UNKNOWN, Italy (maker); ITALY (designer) silk, metal, card 960-D2
Archaistic kore Archaistic kore 1st century BC-1st century AD ITALY marble 1045A-D4
Head of a boy Head of a boy (18th century) ITALY marble 1505A.a-b-D4
Border Border (16th century) ITALY linen 300-D2
St Lawrence distributing the treasures of the Church to the poor St Lawrence distributing the treasures of the Church to the poor (1615-1620) ITALY; Bernardo STROZZI (studio of) oil on canvas 219-4
Head of Septimius Severus Head of Septimius Severus 193 AD-211 AD ITALY marble 1490-D5
Luigi Boccherini Luigi Boccherini (c. 1764-1767) ITALY oil on canvas 1210-5
Cover Cover (16th century) ITALY linen (embroidered lace) (reticella) (bobbin lace) 895-D5
Head of Vespasian Head of Vespasian 50 AD-80 AD ITALY marble D48-1970
Head of a girl Head of a girl (18th century) ITALY marble 1505B.a-b-D4
Amphora Amphora ITALY fired clay 2010.285
Sandals (Women's) Sandals (Women's) (c. 1969) ITALY plastic (beads), vinyl, simulated cork, metal (beads) CT45.a-b-1986
Aryballos (Etrusco-Corinthian ware) Aryballos (Etrusco-Corinthian ware) 600 BC ITALY fired clay 80K-D1A
Kernos (Italian-Daunian ware) Kernos (Italian-Daunian ware) 4th century BC-3rd century BC ITALY earthenware 80Y-D1A
Horse Horse (late 16th century-early 17th century) ITALY bronze 3989-D3
Judith and Holofernes, chest (Cassone) Judith and Holofernes, chest (Cassone) (1570s) ITALY Walnut (Juglans sp.) 1547.1-D4