(100 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
SQUARE SQUARE (17th century) ITALY Square, Milanese, punto in aria, flat point 882 A-D5
Mortar Mortar (16th century) ITALY bronze 4090-D3
Marcus Aurelius, ink stand Marcus Aurelius, ink stand (mid 16th century) ITALY bronze 4002-D3
Lamp Lamp 1st century AD ITALY earthenware 408-D5
Pieta Pieta (mid 16th century-late 16th century) ITALY marble 4110-D3
Lamp Lamp 2nd century AD ITALY earthenware 156-D1A
Stand (Italian Daunian ware) Stand (Italian Daunian ware) 5th century BC-4th century BC ITALY fired clay 81E-D1A
Cover Cover (16th century) ITALY linen, metallic thread, silk, (sequins) 928-D2
Guttus (Calenian black-glaze ware) Guttus (Calenian black-glaze ware) late 3rd century BC ITALY fired clay 166-D1A
Pelike (South Italian red-figure ware) Pelike (South Italian red-figure ware) 350 BC ITALY fired clay 96E-D5
Judith and Holofernes, chest (Cassone) Judith and Holofernes, chest (Cassone) (1570s) ITALY Walnut (Juglans sp.) 1547.2-D4
Lamp Lamp 1st century BC ITALY earthenware 158-D1A
Shoes Shoes (c. 1972) ITALY leather, metal CT60.a-b-1981
Marsyas Marsyas (16th century) ITALY bronze 3990-D3
SQUARE SQUARE (17th century) ITALY Square, Milanese, punto in aria, flat point.Talith trimming 882 D-D5
Strainer jug (Italian Daunian ware) Strainer jug (Italian Daunian ware) second half of 5th-early 4th century BC ITALY fired clay 81F-D1A
Mortar Mortar (late 14th century) ITALY bronze 4091-D3
Piétà, pax Piétà, pax (c. 1550-1600) ITALY bronze 4154-D3
Border Border (late 18th century) ITALY metal thread (bobbin lace) 1166-D5
Flounce Flounce (c. 1650) ITALY linen 943-D5