(6 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Tankard Tankard (c. 1750) BOHEMIA glass (enamel) 1805-D4
Covered goblet Covered goblet (c. 1850) BOHEMIA glass (wheel-cut and engraved) D28.a-b-1972
Pair of decanters Pair of decanters (c. 1785) BOHEMIA glass (enamel, gilt) D51.a-d-1976
Goblet Goblet (c. 1770) BOHEMIA glass (wheel-engraved) D14-1991
Candelabrum Candelabrum (1830-1850) BOHEMIA (manufacturer) glass, gilt-bronze (ormolu), brass D374.a-kk-1980
Covered goblet Covered goblet (c. 1730) BOHEMIA glass (wheel-cut, gold) 1998.247.a-b