(184 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Veil (hat) Veil (hat) (late 19th century) (ENGLAND) silk D503-1974
Shoes Shoes (1920-1925) (ENGLAND) leather, satin D24.a-b-1976
Parasol Parasol 1890-1910 (ENGLAND) silk D44-1975
Pair of mules Pair of mules 1973 (ENGLAND) cotton, leather CT68.a-b-1982
Knife Knife (c. 1885) (ENGLAND) (manufacturer) gilt-metal, fictile ivory 1033-D1R
Length of dress fabric Length of dress fabric 1900-1915 (ENGLAND) net, silk D261 A-1977
Umbrella Umbrella 1910-1920 (ENGLAND) silk CT151-1982
Evening dress Evening dress 1932-1935 (ENGLAND) silk chiffon CT25-1988
A case for shoes A case for shoes (c. 1920) (ENGLAND) leather, cotton CT78-1988
Shorts Shorts 1976 (ENGLAND) cotton D39-1979
SKIRT (GIRL'S) SKIRT (GIRL'S) c. 1903 (ENGLAND) Lemon, black printed sprigged pattern, long gored skirt finished with flounce at hem D64 B-1975
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (c. 1845) (ENGLAND) wood D35-1981
Corset Corset (c. 1890) (ENGLAND) cotton, lace CT178-1984
Cigarette case Cigarette case 1920-1930 (ENGLAND) tortoiseshell CT147-1989
Shawl Shawl (c. 1850) (ENGLAND) silk D124-1979
Child's dress Child's dress 1920-1924 (ENGLAND) cotton D119-1976
Tumbler Tumbler (c. 1790) (ENGLAND) (manufacturer) glass (wheel-engraved) 1424-D4
JACKET JACKET 1976 (ENGLAND) Blue denim, single breasted, 3 buttons, 2 back vents fastened with 2 buttons, blue silk lining D320 A-1980
Muff Muff (c. 1920) (ENGLAND) fur CT56-1988
Woven braid Woven braid 1900-1920 (ENGLAND) silk D251 C-1977