(184 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Beaded purse Beaded purse 1890-1900 (ENGLAND) glass, metal, leather D270-1977
Handbag Handbag 1920-1925 (ENGLAND) crepe, Bakelite D30-1975
CORSET (EVENING DRESS) CORSET (EVENING DRESS) c. 1884 (ENGLAND) Corset style belt in rust velvet D516 C-1974
Woven braid Woven braid 1900-1920 (ENGLAND) cotton, metallic thread D251 D-1977
Umbrella Umbrella (c. 1955) (ENGLAND) silk CT71-1988
Hanging pocket Hanging pocket (late 19th century) (ENGLAND) cotton, silk D13-1978
Card of buttons Card of buttons 1920-1935 (ENGLAND) linen D150-1978
Cape Cape 1894-1903 (ENGLAND) felt wool D12-1975
WORK BOX WORK BOX (ENGLAND) Rectangular, flattened domed lid, sides, front, lid inlaid mother-of-pearl, painted, int. lift out tray D56-1976
Girl's dress Girl's dress (c. 1875) (ENGLAND) cotton D65-1975
JACKET JACKET c. 1969 (ITALY); (ENGLAND); JOHN LANE, Sydney Black and White knitted check, double breasted with wide lapels, top pocket and two flap pockers. Back cut with two splits. CT22 A-1982
Hat pin holder Hat pin holder (c. 1900) (ENGLAND) metal D498-1974
Child's teaset (in box) Child's teaset (in box) (c. 1871) (ENGLAND) china CT21-1986
Coat Coat 1907-1909 (ENGLAND) silk D508-1974
Riding crop Riding crop (19th century) (ENGLAND) leather D497-1974
Handbag Handbag 1920-1935 (ENGLAND) velvet, gilt D31-1975
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers 1898-1899 (ENGLAND) silver D59-1981
Evening dress Evening dress (c. 1935) (ENGLAND) silk CT27-1988
Corset Corset (c. 1890) (ENGLAND) cotton, lace CT176-1984
Muff Muff (c. 1930) (ENGLAND) fur CT55-1988