(184 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Comb Comb (1900-1920) (ENGLAND) bone, shell, xylonite D196 E-1977
Cape Cape (c. 1880) (ENGLAND) silk, lace, feather D78-1977
Length of taffeta Length of taffeta (c. 1867) (ENGLAND) silk (taffeta) D115-1975
Dress holder Dress holder 1903-1907 (ENGLAND) metal D4-1981
Cape Cape 1895 (ENGLAND) silk, deathers CT13-1985
Clutch bag Clutch bag (c. 1933) (ENGLAND) leather, silk CT9-1989
Bag Bag 1956 (ENGLAND) leather CT60-1982
Comb Comb (1900-1920) (ENGLAND) bone, shell, xylonite D196 H-1977
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (late 19th century) (ENGLAND) ebony D41-1981
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (early 20th century) (ENGLAND) ebony D42-1981
Clogs Clogs 1920-1925 (ENGLAND) leather, wood, steel CT12.a-b-1986
SKIRT (EVENING DRESS) SKIRT (EVENING DRESS) c. 1884 (ENGLAND) Skirt of embroidered net styled with 4 tiers with built-in bustle, trim of rust velvet & pearls D516 B-1974
Nightdress Nightdress 1935-1938 (ENGLAND) crepe de chine CT7-1989
Box Box 1885-1895 (ENGLAND) leather, brass D283-1977
Muff Muff (c. 1890) (ENGLAND) feathers CT14-1981
Comb Comb (1900-1920) (ENGLAND) bone, shell, xylonite D196 I-1977
Fragment of brocade Fragment of brocade (1850-1900) (ENGLAND) silk D59-1977
PETTICOAT (GIRL'S) PETTICOAT (GIRL'S) c. 1933 (ENGLAND) Pale mauve silk CT57 B-1985
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (19th century) (ENGLAND) wood D36-1981
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers 1898-1899 (ENGLAND) ivory, silver D60-1981