(184 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (1850-1900) (ENGLAND) bone, metal D39-1981
Fan Fan 1890-1900 (ENGLAND) zylonite, feathers CT91-1982
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (late 19th century) (ENGLAND) tortoise shell D49-1981
Parasol Parasol 1880-1890 (ENGLAND) silk D47-1975
Valentine card Valentine card (late 19th century) (ENGLAND) paper CT194 B-1984
Waistcoat Waistcoat (c. 1912) (ENGLAND) silk D184-1979
Chatelaine Chatelaine (c. 1770-1780) (ENGLAND) (manufacturer) gilt-metal, enamel, gold 1455-D4
Plus fours Plus fours (c. 1928) (ENGLAND) wool D30-1981
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (1850-1900) (ENGLAND) wood, metal D38-1981
Blazer Blazer 1952-1954 (ENGLAND) wool D11-1977
Child's dress Child's dress (c. 1845) (ENGLAND) cotton D66-1975
SLEEVE SLEEVE c. 1860 (ENGLAND) Cream organdie gathered into lace cuff with blue silk ribbon D295 C-B-1977
Comb Comb (1900-1920) (ENGLAND) bone, shell, xylonite D196 D-1977
BODICE (EVENING DRESS) BODICE (EVENING DRESS) c. 1884 (ENGLAND) Rust velvet & embroidered machine-made net, neck & cufss trimmed with velvet & pearls D516 A-1974
Length of bizarre silk Length of bizarre silk (c. 1708) (ITALY); (ENGLAND) silk D145-1977
Posy holder Posy holder (c. 1886) (ENGLAND) metal, mother of pearl D128 B-1976
Fly whisk Fly whisk (19th century) (ENGLAND) ivory, horsehair D496-1974
Choker Choker (1890-1900) (ENGLAND) beads, whalebone, metal CT77-1988
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (c. 1910) (ENGLAND) ivory D48-1981
Cape (shoulder) Cape (shoulder) (c. 1890) (ENGLAND) cotton/silk D500-1974