(184 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Hat Hat (c. 1925) (ENGLAND) silk net, straw ribbon D8-1975
Gaiters Gaiters (c. 1914) (ENGLAND) felt, kid CT129.a-b-1983
Evening dress Evening dress (c. 1935) (ENGLAND) silk CT27-1988
Choker Choker 1895-1900 (ENGLAND) beads, silk D21-1981
Hat iron Hat iron (1901-1904) (ENGLAND) iron, wood D35-1976
Clutch bag Clutch bag (c. 1933) (ENGLAND) leather, silk CT10-1989
Corset Corset (c. 1890) (ENGLAND) cotton, lace CT177-1984
SLEEVE SLEEVE c. 1860 (ENGLAND) Cream organdie gathered into lace cuff with blue silk ribbon D295 C-A-1977
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers (1850-1900) (ENGLAND) wood, metal D37-1981
Smoking Cap Smoking Cap 1850-1890 (ENGLAND) silk, cotton D65-1974
Comb Comb (1900-1920) (ENGLAND) bone, shell, xylonite D196 A-1977
Card of small bows Card of small bows (c. 1900) (ENGLAND) silk D280-1977
Needlework book Needlework book 1909-1912 (ENGLAND) paper, cotton, wool D125-1979
Brush Brush (1901-1904) (ENGLAND) bristles, wood D37-1976
Glove stretchers Glove stretchers 1900-1920 (ENGLAND) xylonite, metal D50-1981
Waistcoat Waistcoat (c. 1805) (ENGLAND) silk, silk thread, wood D16-1970
Overcoat Overcoat (c. 1920) (ENGLAND) wool, fur D35-1979
SLIPPER PATTERN SLIPPER PATTERN 1890-1900 (ENGLAND) Black face cloth slipper, outlined in white, embroidered with yellow flowers, polychrome leaves D285 B-1977
Jacket Jacket (c. 1910) (ENGLAND) silk D507-1974
Jacket Jacket (c. 1937) (ENGLAND) wool D31-1981