Margaret WEST

31 Aug 1936 Parkdale, Melbourne, Victoria

 (13 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Object Object (1974) Margaret WEST sterling silver, stainless steel, quartz D59-1991
Cloud rose, brooch Cloud rose, brooch 1998 Margaret WEST marble (thassos), 925 silver, steel 1999.28
Brooch Brooch (1977) Margaret WEST stainless steel D24-1978
Object Object (1975) Margaret WEST stainless steel, silver, titanium, gold, African walnut (Lovoa trichilioides), suede D5-1992
Chameleon bib, necklace Chameleon bib, necklace (c. 1981) Margaret WEST stainless steel, enamel paint D25-1982
Working drawing for Chameleon bib Working drawing for Chameleon bib (1981-1982) Margaret WEST pencil and gouache P64-1982
Proof Proof 1997 Margaret WEST stone, twine and metal 1997.356
Ring Ring (1978) Margaret WEST silver, stainless steel, titanium D51-1978
Ring Ring (1978) Margaret WEST stainless steel, titanium D52-1978
Transient images - Fragments, brooch Transient images - Fragments, brooch (1979-1980) Margaret WEST stainless steel, enamel paint, graphite, coloured pencil, paper, cardboard, aluminium D24.a-b-1982
Eight stones with steel neckpiece Eight stones with steel neckpiece 1985 Margaret WEST stone, stainless steel D43-1985
Grey matter, casket Grey matter, casket 1985-1986 Margaret WEST wood, lead, stone, computer chip, twine, metal, plastic D73.a-t-1987
After Pandora, casket After Pandora, casket 1986 Margaret WEST wood, lead, slate, bone, soapstone, computer chips, nacre D72.a-r-1987