26 November 1915 Berlin, Germany

 (18 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Winged image Winged image (1964) Inge KING welded steel A9-1971
Black magic Black magic (1984) Inge KING steel S1-1985
Black sun Black sun (1974) Inge KING enamel paint on steel 2004.241
Brooch Brooch (c. 1955) Inge KING silver, copper D23-1989
Untitled maquette Untitled maquette 1980 Inge KING blackened steel AC1-1981
Magician Magician (1960) Inge KING bronze 492-D5
Bracelet Bracelet (c. 1951-1954) Inge KING silver 2001.300
Necklace Necklace (c. 1960) Inge KING sterling silver 2013.695
Flower dancer Flower dancer (1948) Inge KING sandstone 1997.233
(Untitled) (Untitled) 1989 Inge KING collage, newspaper, paper, gouache and synthetic polymer paint 1996.509
Tenement Tenement (1964-1965) Inge KING bronzed steel 1997.234
Rings of Jupiter (3) Rings of Jupiter (3) (2006) Inge KING stainless steel 2006.157
Pair of earrings Pair of earrings (c. 1952) Inge KING sterling silver, coral D24.a-b-1989
Drawing IV Drawing IV (1979) Inge KING grey wash, black chalk and gouache P195-1989
Three figures: drawing for sculpture Three figures: drawing for sculpture 1959 Inge KING gouache, ink, pastel and pencil 387-5
Study for Animal Study for Animal 1959 Inge KING pencil, pen and brush and ink, wash and coloured chalk P96-1994
Nayads Nayads 1997 Inge KING patinated bronze and synthetic polymer paint 1998.324
Pin Pin (1962) Inge KING sterling silver, moonstone D29-1983