New York! New York!

Free entry

NGV International

Ground Level

9 Jun 18 – 7 Oct 18

OPEN 10am–5pm DAILY

Coinciding with 2018’s Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art, NGV Kids presents a large–scale participatory installation that will showcase New York City – home of MoMA and recognised as a leading cultural destination.

Featuring interactive displays, multimedia projections and hands-on activities, this free exhibition will introduce children to the vibrancy of New York that continues to attract and inspire artists, performers and designers from across the globe.

Children will be immersed in city life on the island of Manhattan surrounded by a panoramic moving image montage populated with images, facts and quotes about the city. Central to this installation will be an interactive focused on the New York experience where children will be able to build their miniature versions of city buildings presented in the format of the city grid.