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Untitled (Mural signature door) Keith HARING Sump system Richard GIBLETT The Round tower M. TURNER, (Norwich School) View of Mount Pleasant, as seen from School of Mines, Ballarat Fred KRUGER Sandals SYMCO The surrender of Ulm or Buonaparte and General Mack coming to a right understanding James GILLRAY Dish Bernard PALISSY (school of) Man in a large hat Andrea del SARTO (school of) Flinders State School, no. 260, Geelong Fred KRUGER School shoes CLARKS SHOES AUSTRALIA, Balwyn North (shoemaker) Going to school Sidney NOLAN The School of Eloquence UNKNOWN (etcher); Thomas ROWLANDSON (draughtsman) Renatus Descartes UNKNOWN; DUTCH SCHOOL (after) Grammar school UNKNOWN Grammar School UNKNOWN Melbourne Grammar School Cyril DILLON Head of a man Jean-Baptiste GREUZE (school of) Landscape with distant building and small figures UNKNOWN; Louis BUVELOT (school of) View of Ballarat East, as seen from School of Mines, Ballarat Fred KRUGER Couple Embracing Albrecht DÜRER Study for Gallery School Scholarship painting Fred WILLIAMS Norwegian art student at Contempora School for Applied Arts, Berlin Wolfgang SIEVERS Cloisters, Winchester school Stephen THOMPSON (attributed to) G. R. King, Principal of Gordon Technical School, Geelong C. Stuart TOMPKINS Girls high school Lionel LINDSAY Demoliton of the girl's high school Lionel LINDSAY Going to school Sidney NOLAN The coast road, Kingsdown no. 1 Frank SHORT A house by the waterside: trees and cattle UNKNOWN; Louis BUVELOT (school of) Roofs with school steeple Alan SUMNER