Paul CÉZANNE<br/>
<em>The uphill road</em> (1881) <!-- (recto) --><br />
<em>(La Route montante)</em><br />
oil on canvas<br />
61.4 x 74.3 cm (canvas)<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Felton Bequest, 1938<br />
543-4<br />


Collection rehang at NGV International

The uphill road (1881)

Something not often considered by our audience is that as the NGV Collection is of such high quality many of our great treasures are often lent to exhibitions both in Australia and overseas. Consequently the hang of the collection is constantly changing as works come and go.

This month, Paul Cezanne’s The uphill road (1881) has returned from Tokyo and Claude Lorrain’s River landscape with Tiburtine Temple at Tivoli (c. 1635), Giobanni Paolo Panini’s The Cumaean Sibyl delivering the Oracles (c. 1741) and Bernardo Bellotto’s Ruins of the Forum, Rome (c. 1743), have all come back from a very successful exhibition in Geelong.

Also, some areas of the collection are so rich that we can’t display them all at once. So we have just returned to European Painting 17th-18th C on Level 2 the very popular portrait of Luigi Boccherini, the famous 18th century cellist with the skinny legs, which has not been shown for about a year.

We hope you enjoy the return of these popular paintings.