NGV Volunteer Alex Clark on RALLY: Contemporary Indonesian Art

Alex Clark is one of the lovely volunteers who helped install RALLY: Contemporary Indonesian Art – Jompet Kuswidananto & Eko Nugroho. Inspired by Eko’s  Waterwall mural Flick that chip from your shoulder (2012),  Alex drew this charming illustration entitled ‘Eko at Work’. Here, Alex discusses her experience of installing the exhibition.

Highlights of volunteering at the National Gallery of Victoria: riding a scissorlift, touring the subterranean corridor labyrinth, getting to wear a very official lanyard and meeting other people who are also a bit crazy for painting. Painting can be a very solitary pursuit, so painting in company is lovely. I like seeing the work that goes into exhibitions, and getting to just jump in and be involved with that mess was super. It might be the endless corridors or the automatic sliding walls, but it was a bit like being inducted as an undercover agent, breaking into a secret vault and systematically covering the walls in geometric pattern.

Generally, any painting practice is good painting practice. Only now I get to allude to the many paintings I currently have exhibiting at the NGV; they’re all olive green semicircles (see image to the right), but the point still stands, I have hundreds of them.