Melbourne Now countdown – day 100

Today marks the 100th day until the opening of Melbourne Now and as we count down to the 22nd of November the many artists, curators, designers, performers and publishers involved in the exhibition, will be contributing to our dedicated blog with daily behind-the-scenes posts.

As you’ll discover, through following the blog, the character and shape of the exhibition is created by the many innovative individuals who have come together to work on the project. From one simple idea – showcasing Melbourne’s contemporary creative community at the NGV – this concept has grown as it has been embraced by a broad range of artists, designers and sustainability thinkers who are putting Melbourne on the international map.

One of the greatest things about Melbourne is that there are no limitations or restrictions to creative output and we felt it was important for our gallery to present the contemporary community of which they are a part. This will be the first time that the NGV has profiled a significant Australian design agenda within a visual arts context, highlighting the dynamism of our city’s cultural identity and we look forward to the conversations it sparks.

We also believe that this exhibition will cause us to reflect on the incredible depth and quality of what we have in Melbourne and through various themes and contexts such as geography, production and ethics Melbourne Now will also broaden our understanding of our community’s aspirations, fears, questions and beliefs.

I know many of our NGV Blog readers are intrigued by what goes on behind-the-scenes here and every day you can find out just what it takes to stage an exhibition of this nature.

We can’t wait to present this exhibition to you, so join us as we count down.