Get creative this January at the annual NGV Kids Summer Festival. Inspired by one of the NGV Triennial themes, the body, this festival celebrates all the ways that everybody can play, move and make. Come along with your family, friends, parents, grandparents, for free hands-on activities and workshops.

At NGV International, kids and families can enjoy live performances, making activities and meet artists including NGV Triennial artist Uji (Hahan) Handoko Eko Saputro.

At NGV Australia, for the first time, a dedicated artist-led workshop for teens will explore vibrant painting techniques.

Families can also explore a series of free interactive NGV Triennial installations at NGV International and free exhibitions at NGV Australia.

Daily programs are listed below and also available for download.



Hands On: We Make 
Carpets for Kids

Ground level

For the NGV Triennial Dutch design and art collective We Make Carpets has developed a large-scale interactive project that will transform the Gallery’s dedicated children’s space.

In visiting We Make Carpets, young visitors and their families will be inspired to create new patterns of their own using an array of everyday objects and will encounter the collective’s unconventional approach firsthand.

We Make Carpets, Bottle carpet, 2012 © Courtesy We Make Carpets

Yayoi Kusama

Flower obsession

Ground level

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is one of the most celebrated living artists in the world today. She sees the world in dots and she wants you to experience this too entering her world.

In creating a new work for the NGV Triennial, Kusama invites you to take a single red flower, and find a special spot in the house to help obliterate all the surfaces with flowers.

Yayoi Kusama, Flower obsession, 2016-17

Sissel Tolaas

SmellScape Melbourne: Past, Present, Past

Ground level

Sissei Tolaas is a smell designer with a personal library of 7,000 smells and 2,500 scent molecules. For the NGV Triennial we have asked Tolaas to create a smell for our city, resulting in the creation of SmellScape Melbourne, 2017.

Tolaas invites you to come, smell her artwork, and see what information and personal memories of Melbourne are awakened during your sensory experience.

Sissel Tolaas in the field © Courtesy the artist

Hassan Hajjaj

Noss Noss Studio

Ground level, Gallery Kitchen

Hassan Hajjaj has a long-standing involvement with photography, video, fashion and music and his work evokes African studio portraiture from the 1960s and 1970s.

For the NGV Triennial Hajjaj creates a lively experience whereby visitors are transported into a Moroccan tea house with furniture made from found materials, traditional rugs, artist-designed wallpaper, light fittings and a selection of Hajjaj’s vibrant photo-works.

Olga Chernysheva: Drawcard

Ground level

Coming of age during the Soviet Union’s demise, Olga Chernysheva’s artwork draws from day-to-day life in contemporary Moscow and works across video, drawing, painting, photography and text.

For the NGV Triennial three of Chernysheva’s delicately rendered pencil drawings with collaged text elements are on display. Using both sophistication and humour, the selected works provide a glimpse into everyday life through a critical and compassionate post-Soviet lens.

Olga ChernyshevaHitchcock, 2017. © Olga Chernysheva.

Retallack Thompson and Other Architects, Garden wall, 2017

NGV Architecture Commission, NGV Garden

For the NGV Triennial the NGV Garden will transform into a maze-like series of open-air passageways, corridors and rooms. This artwork by Retallack Thompson and Other Architects’ is entitled Garden wall, 2017 and it was selected as the winning concept of the 2017 NGV Architecture Commission.

Visit Garden wall and see the ways in which architecture can define space, explore function and embody culture.

Garden Wall 2017
Retallack Thompson and Other Architects
Images courtesy of the architects.


Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement

Ground level

Tokyo-based art collective and interdisciplinary creative group, teamLab, compromise of over 300 members and identify themselves as ultratechnologists.

For the NGV Triennial teamLab have transformed a large gallery space into an interactive experience that responds as water would to human presence and movement. Come, visit the space, and see what marks you literally leave as you navigate your way through the teamLab experience.

teamLab (design studio);
Toshiyuki Inoko (designer)
Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement 2017
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased NGV Foundation, 2017
© Courtesy teamLab


The NGV Kids program is generously supported by The Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust.

The NGV wishes to acknowledge Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and the Campbell-Pretty Family for their generous support of the NGV Kids program.

The NGV acknowledges the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation for their generous support of Hands On: We Make Carpets for Kids.