Ocean Bharathanatyam Dance Deepa Mani Workshop

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Great Hall
Ground Level

Immerse yourself in a unique dance experience as you emulate the movements of your favourite sea creature during this Indian Classical Dance (Bharathanatyam) workshop, guided by Deepa Mani, the Artistic Director of Chandralaya Dance School.

Deepa Mani is a South Asian performing and teaching artist trained in the ancient Indian Bharathanatyam dance form. Renowned for its dynamic style, this dance form is characterised by animated facial expressions, expressive gestures, and captivating storytelling.

Discover the art of replicating the movements of ocean beings, such as dolphins, using facial expressions, and engage in dancing that mirrors the fluidity of the waves. Immerse yourself in this lively dance workshop, where participants will find themselves swaying akin to seaweed on the ocean floor!

Children of all ages will enjoy watching the performance whilst children aged 5 years and older will feel more confident to learn the dance steps.

Tue 9 Jan, 1–1.30pm (Past)

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Thu 11 Jan, 12–12.30pm (Past)

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Fri 12 Jan, 12–12.30pm (Past)

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