Miyanaga Akira <br/>
Japanese, born 1985<br/>
WAVY 2014 (video still)<br/>
high-definition video, sound <br/>
10 min, 10 sec<br/>
© MIYANAGA Akira, courtesy Kodama Gallery, Tokyo<br/>


Miyanaga Akira

Free entry

NGV International

Level 1 Mezzanine, Asian Art Temporary Exhibitions

18 Nov 16 – 30 Apr 17

This exhibition brings together a selection of recent work by the Japanese contemporary artist Miyanaga Akira. The Kyoto-based practitioner is known for mesmerising moving image works constructed from film footage taken from everyday life. Fragments filmed in both urban and rural areas of Japan – from crowds moving through subways to light gently falling over rice fields – are enmeshed together into visually compelling sequences. Using time-lapse techniques and processes of splicing, rearranging and superimposing, Miyanaga’s experimental views of the world move poetically between realism and abstraction.

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