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26 February 1808 Marseilles, France
10 February 1879

85 works

You see General, this it what the Zouaves call their FORK. Oh dear... I'm just wondering what their knife might look like Honoré DAUMIER Security chain Honoré DAUMIER Magnetic influence Honoré DAUMIER Students of the sixth grade trying to behave like rhetoricians. Honoré DAUMIER Consequences of an insurrection. Wretched child. Now you you see the result of your anarchistic ideas. You have yelled, Down with grammar and teachers! I regret the days when I taught you these concepts Honoré DAUMIER Sorry Sir, I'm a commercial salesman attached to the funeral home, and I'd like to see. If sir Honoré DAUMIER Exploitation of paternity. Well, my son, never lose your filial piety, always remember that a father represents all that is sacred. So say, you don't have a few sous to give me, I'm dying of thirst and I'm out of tobacco. Honoré DAUMIER Hashish smokers Honoré DAUMIER So it is us now, who are in a kneading-trough Honoré DAUMIER The legislative belly. View of the ministerial benches in the improstituted house of 1834. Honoré DAUMIER My dear fellow (my dear colleague - lawyers) Honoré DAUMIER We had great fun! Honoré DAUMIER The incriminating evidence Honoré DAUMIER The dog clipper Honoré DAUMIER Don Quixote reading Honoré DAUMIER The old clothes vendor Honoré DAUMIER Visit to the tents of the Turcos Honoré DAUMIER These Europeans will be quite surprised Honoré DAUMIER You remember that sponge you mentioned that you had lost; well you put it in the vol-au-vent for Madam Grimblot Honoré DAUMIER We smell the goods before we tease them Honoré DAUMIER Memories Honoré DAUMIER Fruitless search for Leverrier's planet Honoré DAUMIER Be very careful! Honoré DAUMIER Robert Macaire, businessman. What the devil! My good chap, it's really admirable of you to break your back to pay off your debts, you should wipe them out at once. But how? Good heavens! Bring me your books, I'll put them in order, it's my specialty, we'll settle for a few liabilities, a large number of assets, we'll assemble your creditors, we'll offer five percent to be paid over ten years, you won't give them anything during the ten years, in ten years' time you'll start again, your creditors will be dead, the debts forgotten and nobody will say a word about it. Honoré DAUMIER We are shareholders in the Argicultural Institute Honoré DAUMIER; Charles PHILIPON (draughtsman)
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