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26 February 1808 Marseilles, France
10 February 1879

85 works

The Jayotype. Mr. Jay: The gentleman is married? The gentleman: Certainly, but how the devil did you know that? Mr. Jay: Oh, its that this instrument is perfect, no curve of the head, no bump on the forehead can escape it. The gentleman: How ingenious Honoré DAUMIER An obliging guide Honoré DAUMIER The bill poster Honoré DAUMIER Gentlemen, worn down by the weight... Honoré DAUMIER My God! After having been away for three months, I find that my wife has moved out..... and what memories she leaves behind, good Lord! Honoré DAUMIER The paddlers Honoré DAUMIER You are looking for your trunk, Sir, it is there! Honoré DAUMIER Madam Rabourdeau at her first lesson Honoré DAUMIER The glowing article Honoré DAUMIER My little one is a problem, Madame Radiguet. Water will not bite her Honoré DAUMIER Citizens, there is a rumour that we will soon be refused the law allowing divorce. Let us unite and declare a state of emergency for the nation Honoré DAUMIER My wife has been a long time at this banquet….It's been the best part of forty-eight hours Honoré DAUMIER Not Satisfied? Honoré DAUMIER Charitable newspapers Honoré DAUMIER Regrets Honoré DAUMIER A triumpher in Milan A conqueror in Milan, or, A triumphant bird of prey Honoré DAUMIER Poor Gyulai. Kicked out of everywhere Honoré DAUMIER Mr Royer Collard Honoré DAUMIER Insurrection against husbands is proclaimed as being the first and holiest duty in life Honoré DAUMIER Come and see! look at your wretched son... look at his masterpiece.... you'll need to do something.... he's got to get dressed up again... we will never be able to leave.... what an imp! Honoré DAUMIER ……..I really start getting tired of my wife’s cousin!!! The Cousin. The cousin is a common small animal, slender, elegant, light, which slips into the interior of dwellings in order to bring trouble and restlessness to the inhabitants. He is the horror of husbands and causes them tenacious insomnia. His song on the other hand seems to be very melodious to bored young ladies. If one can believe our most serious natural scientists and especially the contemporary comedians, there are only very few marriages which are not affected by at least one little cousin. They are very difficult to get rid of. When thrown out by the door, they come back through the window. (Scribe – Natural History) Honoré DAUMIER What is woman in today's society? Nothing. What should the meaning be? Everything, yes everything, everything... Ah. Bravo, bravo, this speech is even better than the last one Jeanne Derouin gave. Honoré DAUMIER The pleasures of fishing. You are always in such a rush. Good God, we only just got here at noon and it is now only a quarter past five. Just give me a little more time, I am sure I'll end up by catching one. Honoré DAUMIER Kssssse Pédro. Ksssse Ksssse. Miguel. (These two cowards never really harm each other) Honoré DAUMIER An electrified soldier Honoré DAUMIER Look. See how he looks at the saveloys and the ham. It seems we like Papa's job. Piglet Honoré DAUMIER The future Monument of Napoleon at les Invalides Honoré DAUMIER The bulldog (guard dog). The bulldog which Mr. de Buffon mentions by both names, guard dog and doorman, is by nature unclean, not well built, curious, growls and is very surly. He constantly barks at the wrong moment. The tenants of the place he lives say that he is an ugly animal. The bulldog's or doorman’s job is to be responsible for guarding the house, but that is what he guards least. On the other hand he is much better at guarding letters, newspapers, calling cards, etc. He is extremely nasty and threatens to throw himself at those people who approach him. However, there is a certain way to tame him: when he shows his teeth one must show him a 100 sous coin. Instantly, he becomes soft and caressing like a poodle. The bulldog or doorman usually lives in dirty and smoky cabins, and thanks to the neighbourhood kids, he never runs out of kennels. Honoré DAUMIER Memories Honoré DAUMIER Annoying state of affairs for the pancake sellers on the boulevards, where people can only move around on tall stilts Honoré DAUMIER
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