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Australian Prints Drawings (10,040)

Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) II Frank HINDER Mirror image I Bea MADDOCK Drawing (Blinding light landscape with sun, figure on bicycle and hand) Peter BOOTH (Emaciated male figure in landscape) Albert TUCKER Ancestor II Bea MADDOCK Composition Ludwig HIRSCHFELD MACK Small man Fred WILLIAMS Windmill girls Fred WILLIAMS Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) I Frank HINDER Drawing (Black landscape with spectres) Peter BOOTH The ferry at Abbotsford Louis BUVELOT Kigelia Pinnata Eric THAKE (Four female faces) Richard LARTER (Three female faces and Lenin) Richard LARTER Radio-active coral earrings from Bikini Atoll! Richard LARTER Pig Face hat ein Bizarres Meisterwerk geschreiben im Engen Gummi Richard LARTER Unclear pun Richard LARTER (Fish, bird, two female faces) Richard LARTER John Brack Nudes: Fifteen Original Lithographs John BRACK (Nude reclining on bed, her left arm behind head) John BRACK (Nude seated on chair, resting elbow on raised knee, on patterned rug) John BRACK (Nude seated frontal, with folded screen behind) John BRACK (Two seated nudes, one on cushion and one on chair, on patterned rug) John BRACK (Nude standing frontal before screen, three-quarter length) John BRACK Max Miller Fred WILLIAMS (Nude seated facing right with crossed legs, with cushion and robe) John BRACK (Nude seated on two cushions and patterned rug) John BRACK (Two nudes, one reclining on divan, one on chair resting elbow on raised knee, on patterned rug) John BRACK (Nude standing facing left beside screen on patterned rug) John BRACK (Sketch related to the gouache The cave IV) Albert TUCKER