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Australian Prints Drawings (10,040)

Untitled study Lenton PARR The castle: 'What have you done?' he said as if to himself. 'We are both ruined.' 'No.' said Frieda 'it's only me that's ruined, but then I've won you. Don't worry. But just look how these two are laughing. Yosl BERGNER The castle: But on approaching it he was disappointed in the castle; it was after all only a wretched-looking town Yosl BERGNER The trial: 'Like a dog!' he said: it was as if he meant the shame of it to outlive him Yosl BERGNER The trial: But he rushed after her, seized her by the skirts, whirled her once round his head... Yosl BERGNER The trial: Now that she was so close to him she gave out a bitter exciting odour as of pepper Yosl BERGNER The trial: The strange thing was that the judge did not seem to be sitting in dignified composure... Yosl BERGNER The trial:- and then lept down the stairs so buoyantly and with such long strides that he became almost afraid of his own reaction. Yosl BERGNER The trial: The student was now carrying the woman up this stairway, very slowly, puffing and groaning, for he was beginning to be exhausted. Yosl BERGNER The new advocate: So perhaps it is really best to do as Bucephalus has done and absorb oneself in law books Yosl BERGNER The metamorphosis: As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect Yosl BERGNER The trial: Titorelli also seemed to misunderstand K.'s reasons for sitting on the extreme edge of the bed. Yosl BERGNER The Kafka portfolio Yosl BERGNER Summit in the You Yangs Fred WILLIAMS Seated figure Roy de MAISTRE Untitled (Cruciform shape within oval) John NIXON Phenomena Andrew BROWNE Laughing Christ Noel COUNIHAN TV drawing: Henry VIII; (Regal figures) Eric THAKE A hand holding dividers David STRACHAN Composition Ludwig HIRSCHFELD MACK Untitled study Lenton PARR Dr Livingstone I presume Sybil CRAIG Chair tableau with muzak mural Howard ARKLEY Self-portrait Maria KOZIC Three worlds Tim JOHNSON Boy and girl Barbara HANRAHAN Warrior: Scenes from the appropriation of Wiradjuri Land Bonita ELY Untitled Tony COLEING Spearing roo Robert Campbell Junior