Conservation technicians and collection care specialists are a valued part of the Conservation team. NGV Conservation technicians are skilled craftspeople who ensure that the collection is displayed in a way that is safe for the artwork and visitors as well as realising the aims of the exhibition design.

Our technicians have practical experience in working with a wide range of significant and unique works of art and possess a broad understanding of art history, conservation ethics and goals, and strategies, methods, materials, and techniques used in preventive care of collections.

Our technicians work across four specialist areas:

Mountmakers – designs and fabricates complex, custom-fit mounts for 3D artworks in a variety of materials and techniques including metal forming and welding, timber machining and joinery, and 3D scanning and printing.

Mount-cutters and framers – creates bespoke housing and framing fit-out for Prints and Drawings, Photography and Paintings collections.

Frame maker – researches, designs and fabricates art historical frames for paintings in the NGV Collection.

Textiles display specialists – researches, designs and makes art historical underpinnings and supports for the Fashion and Textiles collection.

Conservation Technician installs a backing board onto the reverse of a framed painting<br/>