A conservator attaching an insert on a cosmetic box with mirror stand<br/>

The NGV Collection is large and diverse with artworks from across the globe, covering a vast timespan and diverse materials. Extensive knowledge of materials chemistry and a broad range of hand-skills are required to undertake interventive treatment on such a complex collection. Conservation treatment is shared between material specialties covering the fields of Contemporary and Variable Media Art, Frames and Furniture, Objects, Paintings, Paper and Photographs, Fashion and Textiles, First Nations Art, and Exhibitions. In the process of formulating a treatment proposal sensitive to the artists’ vision and the age, origin, history and material nature of a work, thorough examination and research is undertaken. Once a treatment proposal is formulated, a risk assessment weighing up the perceived risks against the intended benefits is completed. In keeping with the AICCM Code of Ethics and Code of Practice, all materials used by the department have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they will not bring harm to collection items and most treatment techniques are reversible. All treatments are fully documented, and treatment dossiers are archived by the Conservation department to assist present and future custodians with the ongoing care of the collection.