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Friday Nights at NGV: Interview with Quan from Regurgitator

We interviewed Quan from Regurgitator, who will be headlining Friday Nights at NGV on 22 April 2016.

Describe your sound in 5 words or less?
Awkward scream fumble cough hello?

If your music was an artwork what would it look like?
A Ken Done sweater knitted by Francis Bacon

Do you have a favourite artist/artwork?
I love most things by Patricia Piccinini, James Turrell, Hayao Miyazaki, Erwin Wurm, David O’Reilly and Don Hertzfeldt

What’s your favourite gig you have played to date?
Probably a Japanese show in a small, 50-capacity Yakuza bar in Tokyo

What inspires/influences your music the most?
When I started it was mostly hormones and the misunderstanding those cultivate. Now it’s more anthropological fright and also my 2-year-old child.

What song do you wish you wrote?
Brian Eno’s – An Ending (Accent)

What part of making music excites you the most?
The rush of the new Riff, Beat, Lyric, Chorus or Middle 8 that seems, even if only for a fleeting instant to be perfect.

What can someone expect from your live show?
A level of awkwardness and lack of professionalism not necessarily becoming of a band of our experience

Tell us about the last song or album you created?
The last song I worked on was a rap track about seeking the company of Wealthy Older Women because of a general dissatisfaction with the life-competency lacking in younger ones.

What is your favourite part of being involved in Friday Nights at NGV?
It’s great to be part of a scene that is somewhat removed from the ‘regular’, mushy-carpeted one for us.

Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei showcases over 300 artworks that explore the parallels and intersections between the practices of these two exemplary artists. Are you excited about the exhibition?
I was until I narrated the rather long audio guide. Now I know too much.

A large portion of the works included in the Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei exhibition include political or social commentary. Have you been inspired to do this through your music?
I have in a less sophisticated way.

Andy Warhol famously said: ‘Art is what you can get away with.’ How would you respond?
Life is what you can get away with.
Art is the cult of Metaphor.

Ai Weiwei once said: ‘A small act is worth a million thoughts.’ How would you respond?Let me think about that…
Where 0 = Thought
And 1 = Action

What else are you working on now? Or where are you next touring?
I’m currently working on the soundtrack to a children’s cartoon.