Any Ideas?

Problem solving benefits from a broad range of perspectives. Whether among friends, family or colleagues, many Australians have experienced sitting with a group of people working together to find a solution to the shared problem at hand. After a brief pause for thought, the silence is often broken with a question: ‘Any ideas?’ This simple query is enough to stimulate a barrage of suggestions, built upon ad hoc in a way that finds solutions through creativity.

Frost*collective draws on this familiar scenario to set the tone for Any Ideas? – a campaign that asks Australians to generate great ideas as a force for good. From reducing single-use plastic, improving the efficiency of public transport networks, or breaking society’s tech-addiction, through one powerful open-ended question, the campaign invites unending possible solutions to current issues. Shared in the gallery, through instagram, @_any_ideas_ and online, via anyideas.co Any Ideas? is challenging, thought provoking and champions creative thinking.

Frost*collective is a B Corp certified agency of strategists, built-environment specialists, digital innovators and designers based is Sydney (AUS). Founded in London (UK) in 1994 by Vince Frost, Frost*collective has received creative awards from D&AD (UK), Art Directors Club (USA/JP), The Society of Publication Designers New York (USA) and AGDA Australia.

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