Maria van Oosterwyck<br/>
<em>Still life with flowers and butterflies</em> 1668<br/>
Oil on canvas <br/>
87.6 X 75.8cm   <br/>
Purchased with funds donated by Dodge Bequest, Margaret Bland, Joy Anderson, Tim Fairfax AC & Gina Fairfax AC, The Betsy & Ollie Polasek Endowment, Michael Heine Family Foundation, Suzanne Kirkham, Carol Sisson, E. & D. Rogowski Foundation, and donors to the 2022 NGV Foundation Annual Dinner and 2022 NGV Annual Appeal, 2022<br/>


Led by Donna McColm, Assistant Director, Curatorial and Audience Engagement and Laurie Benson, Curator, International Art, viewers will learn more about the seventeenth century Dutch painter Maria van Oosterwyck and her work Still life with flowers and butterflies, 1668.

During her lifetime, van Oosterwyck was internationally celebrated as one of the leading Dutch painters, alongside her contemporaries, Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer. Through this online discussion, discover how this acquisition will greatly strengthen the NGV’s holdings of Dutch seventeenth century works.

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The NGV warmly thanks all supporters who have made gifts to help secure this significant work:

Leadership Gifts
Dodge Bequest
Margaret Bland
Joy Anderson
Tim Fairfax AC & Gina Fairfax AC
The Betsy & Ollie Polasek Endowment
Michael Heine Family Foundation
Suzanne Kirkham
Carol Sisson
E. & D. Rogowski Foundation
2022 NGV Foundation Annual Dinner Donors
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