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Media Release • 15 Apr 17

Fiona Hall: Uneasy Seasons

NGV International | 13 April – 8 October 2017 | Free entry

For the first time in her career, one of Australia’s most significant artists, Fiona Hall has created an exhibition especially for teenagers and young children inviting them to consider the significance of the environment and the changing seasons, in a large-scale installation, Fiona Hall: Uneasy Seasons, opening April 13, NGV International.

Divided into two distinct environments, the exhibition space will feature two large-scale tree-houses, providing a canopy whereby young visitors can participate in art making activities to express their thoughts about the natural world.

Fiona Hall: Uneasy Seasons is a captivating and imaginative response to the environment and changing seasons through the lens of one of Australia’s most brilliant artistic minds. It is a first for the NGV to create an exhibition dedicated specifically for teenagers, and is a rewarding experience to be able to engage the hearts and minds of young people through this immersive installation,’ said Tony Ellwood, NGV, Director.

Created for young children, the first space offers a brightly lit tree house nestled amongst warm hued wallpaper signalling new beginnings. Taking cues from the springtime atmosphere, children are invited to make creatures using a range of collage materials that reference different animal and habitat textures. Visitors are invited to display their artwork, populating the tree-house with an array of colourful and imaginative creatures.

In contrast, the second space created specifically for teenagers presents a darkened tree-house in a night-time environment, reflecting a wintery atmosphere. In this shadowy space, encased in Fiona Hall’s hand painted wallpaper depicting imagery of skulls and blood red blossoms, teens are invited to create their very own paper ‘emoji’ symbol responding to an environmental, social, or political issue. Teens are encouraged to decorate the tree-house roof with their hand-crafted emoji sending their message to other visitors.

Fiona Hall is widely known for installations of life-like natural forms using a wide range of materials. In 2015, Hall represented Australia at the 56th Venice Biennale, with her critically acclaimed installation Wrong Way Time. Uneasy Seasons translates Fiona’s lifelong passion for the natural world and creates a charming space for both young and old visitors to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural environment.


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