Melbourne Now countdown – day 4

The Melbourne Now Design Residency: The Bolwell EDGE Caravan Studio is a highlight of the Melbourne Design Now presentation curated by Simone LeAmon. A design residency sited in the Garden at NGV International, the Bolwell EDGE caravan, designed by Vaughan Bolwell is a designer’s studio open to the public each week from Thursday through to Sunday 10am–2pm.

Placing emphasis on design thinking, strategy and process the Melbourne Now Design Residency aims to communicate that design is an agency for conceptualising, testing and distributing ideas that can move us to think and behave differently. The 16 designers participating in the residency have each devised a four-day work schedule to showcase their design ideas, demonstrate their creative research methods and prototyping processes. Inviting audience participation many of the designers will be conducting a host of activities outside the EDGE on a large communal table under the caravan awning.

First to occupy the EDGE from the 22nd of November to 1st of December are emerging industrial designers Jethro Pugh and Sam Nikolsky of Maker Machine – a Melbourne based incursion program that brings 21st century tools such as 3D printers and robotics to schools and kids clubs throughout Australia. Showcasing a selection of open source technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing and electronics prototyping and programming over the residency, these technologies will combine to fabricate an open source, interactive anthropomorphic robot!

Look out for the Melbourne Now Design Residency weekly schedule on the NGV website in the week ahead.

Participating designers

Philippa Abbott of A&D Projects

Mathew Bird of Studiobird

Vaughan Bolwell director of design at the Bolwell Corporation

Edmund Carter and Simone LeAmon of CarterLeAmon

Michael Trudgeon of Crowd Productions

David Vu and Josh Tatangelo of ENESS

Tom Kovac of Kovac Architecture

Dale Hardiman, Adam Lynch and Andre Andrew Hnatojko of Lab De Stu

Ben Landau

Leah Heiss

Gyungju Chyon and John Sadar of Little Wonder

Jethro Pugh and Sam Nikolsky of Maker Machine

Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli of Mathery Studio

Stephen Mushin

Justin Hutchinson and Shawn Ashkanasy of Urban Commons

Danielle Wilde

Supported by The Hugh D. T. Williamson Foundation.