Melbourne now countdown – day 5

Back in March, while interning here at the NGV,  I was sitting with some staff on the lawn in the NGV Garden at lunchtime. I was a little confused, as they were chatting about a series of art commissions and I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. But it sounded really cool. Some months later I was invited back to the gallery’s media department to work on the exhibition they were discussing – Melbourne Now.

I now know what they were talking about. An exhibition which celebrates Melbourne’s creative community through not only art, but design, architecture, performance and sound. And while everyone on staff is incredibly busy as we work towards opening, there is a sense of excitement in the air. A confidence that you will be pleasantly surprised at what’s in store for you.

The media department has been industriously working away to build intrigue and going that extra mile to ensure that the entire city has heard about Melbourne Now.

Since joining the team I have grooved on Darren Sylvester’s illuminated dance floor…with knowledge that a potentially embarrassing image of my moves will be published in the newspaper. I’ve researched information on public programs, satellite events and new merchandise to share with media. And I’ve forced busy men using power tools and scissor-lifts to stop work so that the loud hammering and bleeping doesn’t interrupt filming.

It’s been a fantastic experience being part of the team’s exhibition of the exhibition.