Inspired by her favourite abstract paintings in the NGV Collection, visual artist Louise Weaver shows how to interpret your experience of the natural world through experimental materials. Weaver will demonstrate different ways of mark marking with paint using items found in your home and how to combine these with simple collage techniques to create exciting new compositions.

Paper, paint, paint brushes, kitchen paper, cardboard and scissors

Louise Weaver’s multidisciplinary practice employs a variety of media in the creation of both individual works and expansive sculptural installations that centre around the natural world. The paintings, sculptures and environments that Weaver creates interact with a broad range of themes. Weaver has a fascination with metamorphosis, cycles of growth and the intricacies of camouflage, playing with and extending these concepts into ideas surrounding artificiality, transformation, social themes and feminism, underpinned by the enduring power of mythology, make-believe and memory.

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