NGV Magazine

Issue 23
Jul – Aug 2020

In a year that has presented many challenges, we have seen opportunities to connect with one another, to learn and to transform. The new issue explores the transformative power of art, design and museums and looks to stories of inspiration and experience in the NGV Collection.

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Features in this issue

COVER STORY Art and Engagement in Times of Change

‘While these virtual resources could never replace the real thing, there are certainly benefits to these new forms of engagement. Audiences across the globe are now able to deep dive into information about the art and ideas represented in the collections of the world’s museums and art galleries like never before.’

by Meg Slater

DISCOVER ME Revealing Constance Stoke's woman in green

‘The attribution of this painting was unclear, but it was believed to be an early work by the Australian modernist artist Constance Stokes, sparking me to lead a program of technical investigation to help understand the condition of the painting and the context in which it was made.’

By Raye Collins

MAKING WITH Jólan van der Wiel

‘The first and most important step is the mixture of the materials. I then determine the shape of the seat and the places where the chair legs should go and put the well-mixed material in the pan that is inside my machine. After that, the gravity power takes over.’

by Jólan van der Wiel

IN RESPONSE The Artwork that Changed Me

‘What I fall in love with in Hester’s work is the sense of strangeness and melancholy that, to me, suggests an ‘outsider’ view of the world, a sense of not belonging that I have often felt myself, and for which art offers the only real salve.’

By Emily Bitto

LIFE & TIMES Elizabeth Keith

‘The legacy of Keith’s work is significant, not least that it greatly contributed to Western cultural perceptions of Asia during the early twentieth century. Outside of the missionary community, she was one of the first Western women to travel throughout many parts of Asia.’

by Annika Aitken

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN At the Threshold: Design and Life

‘What is life? In a time when we can grow both human and artificial cells in a lab, and mechanical intervention can keep a human heart alive – at what point does life constitute living matter, self-sustained by a biological system?’

by Myf Doughty