Fictional Journal, Anywhere, Anytime, Demo Festival: Amsterdam, 2019.

Event: Publishing As Public Space Presented by Assemble Papers
MPavilion Parkade, Melbourne

Fictional Journal, Anywhere, Anytime, Demo Festival: Amsterdam, 2019.
Past program

Free entry

MPavilion Parkade

Level 7, 34 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC

Presented by Assemble Papers as part of Melbourne Design Week & Melbourne Art Book Fair

Gone are the days of the lone design critic. A changing media landscape has meant that discourse around design comes in all different forms – be it text, image, memes, Instagram or sound file, among others – and a multitude of voices. In a way, publishing itself has become a public space. The issues inherent in building public space and the publishing of words and thinking share the same concerns – among them accessibility, intersectionality, and authorship. 

This event brings together young thinkers, design satirists and established publishers and editors to investigate how publishing design thinking is evolving.  

For a full breakdown of the day’s event, visit the drop-down sections below. 


Arie Rain Glorie, visual artist

Emma Mary Hall, actor, theatre maker and director

Bridget Caldwell-Bright, editor

Steve Mintern, designer and editor, OFFICE

Katie Kerr, designer and editor, GLORIA Books

Jeremy Kibel, editor, Reflektor Magazine

Henry Oliver, editor, Metro Magazine and Essential Services Magazine

Sophie Rzepecky, editor, Assemble Papers

Sat 27 Mar, 2–3pm (Past)

Students from RMIT Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) present their future visions for Parkade through fictional construction hoardings.

Sat 27 Mar, 3.30–4pm (Past)

Arie Rain Glorie and Emma Mary Hall shine a literal and metaphorical light on the absurdity of design discourse, and art-speak in general, through a design critique that attempts to make nothing seem like something. By examining nothing in great depth and with great gusto, they will open up a design discourse in unexpected ways, cementing themselves as Melbourne’s thought leaders in the field of nothing.

Sat 27 Mar, 4–5pm (Past)

Worldwide, the publishing industry has taken a hard blow during the global pandemic. Together, we will discuss alternative and innovative methods for funding design publishing, from working with private companies, to crowd sourcing, traditional advertising, social enterprise and public funding. How do we create a more resilient publishing sector? Discussion with Bridget Caldwell-Bright (Lifted Brow), Katie Kerr (GLORIA Books, NZ), Jeremy Kibel (Reflektor Magazine), Steve Mintern (OFFICE) and Henry Oliver (Essential Services Zine & Metro Magazine, NZ). Moderated by Assemble Papers editor Sophie Rzepecky.

MPavilion Parkade

Level 7, 34 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC