Field Theory, Photo credit Bryony Jackson.<br/>

Pirate Radio: Book Club, Field Theory

Field Theory, Photo credit Bryony Jackson.<br/>
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Public art mavericks Field Theory continue their deconstruction of radio with a broadcast of ‘Book Club’ presented by the NGV and Melbourne Art Book Fair. Expect pretentious reviews, vendettas, overly expressive readings and lots of awkward interviews as Field Theory get thoroughly textual in a six-hour, non-stop program.

Field Theory is a collective of six Australian artists who make, curate and support art in the public realm. Often using humour, dialogue and endurance, Field Theory construct live social events and public platforms for exchange. Their recent publication No Acting, No Admin celebrates ten years of working together.

Sat 14 Mar, 10–11am (Past)

The collective introduces themselves, the fair and their debut book – No Acting No Admin.

Sat 14 Mar, 11am–12pm (Past)

An intensive survey.

Sat 14 Mar, 12–12.30pm (Past)

Field Theory asks the hard questions about style over substance.

Sat 14 Mar, 12.30–1pm (Past)

Meet the writers, designers and artists behind the books.

Sat 14 Mar, 1–1.30pm (Past)

Field Theory get precious about ink, paper and fonts.

Sat 14 Mar, 1.30–2pm (Past)

Meet the writers, designers and artists behind the books.

Sat 14 Mar, 2–2.30pm (Past)

Personal favourites, limited editions and private collections.

Sat 14 Mar, 2.30–3pm (Past)

Filed Theory get tips on getting rich in the publishing world.

Sat 14 Mar, 3–4pm (Past)

Making sense of hard texts with the general public, guest academics and some school children.

Sat 14 Mar, 4–4.30pm (Past)

Field Theory takes a good long hard look at their publication and compares it to a selection from the fair.

Sat 14 Mar, 4.30–5pm (Past)

Stories from the stalls – Field Theory chat to the sellers about the days’ highs and lows.

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